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Ozark Dreams - Wood Burning Brick Pizza Oven
Mike's site is about the construction and use of his vault style (Rado Hand or Alan Scott) oven. One of the things I like about his construction is that Mike takes a different approach on how to taper down to the oven door from the main chamber. Along with his construction journal, Mike also shares his experience in cooking in the oven. He also shares some of the recipes that he has used.

Bake Oven Journal by Maria Nation
Maria Nation's oven is the result of a collaboration between a practicing baker (Maria) and a talented mason by the name of Mark Mendel and the craftsmen at Monterey Masonry. This oven is a fine example of thinking outside the normal envelope of design. It shows how a traditional oven is crafted with the finish work integrated into the structural. There is no facade, just structure with this oven.

Sunnyfield Bakery Project
Peg and Dennis are the proud owners of this oven built by Pat Manley. This is a large, low vault, oven built in the same style as Alan Scott. Pat uses a different construction technique than Alan in how he builds the support for the hearth. I like how Pat manages thermal isolation (insulation) and thermal expansion. The foamglass layer in the hearth is a wonderful addition. I liked seeing how steel harnesses are used to tie the oven together.

Frankie G's Pizza Oven Project
Frankie G's oven building project began with a conversation with an associate in the pizza business. The thought of "Why can't I have a pizza oven in my garden?" caused him to start the journey toward Pizza Nirvana. Once the family steps in and starts leaving fire bricks under the Christmas Tree and in the garage, how are you going to refuse? Read Frankie's story how he (and the family) built this Allan Scott style oven.

Bill Funkhouser's Oven
Bill Funkhouser has a web site with the construction of his Quebec style bread oven. Bill follows the instructions from Alan Scott. Bill built his oven with a firebrick hearth and a red brick dome. It does look striking. The one thing to watch, as Bill admits, is the lack of insulation around the dome cladding. Many good links on this site to other oven builders and cooks.

Jeffrey Warnock's Quebec Oven
Jeffery Warnock has build a Quebec style bread oven. His web site contains two pdf files that document his building experience. Each pdf covers the same material, just in different resolutions. He documents the entire building process in great detail, including the construction of a steel frame to support the oven instead of the traditional masonry base. Well worth the download.

Brick Oven Cooking
The Yahoo group, brick-ovens, is one of my favorite locations for information and discussion on building and using brick ovens. The Brick Oven Cooking site is managed by Forest, the list owner.

Ovencrafters - Alan Scott's Home Page
Alan Scott is the co-author of the book The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens. He was also the instructor for my Wood Fired Oven Building class that I took in Minnesota.

Matt Considine's Oven
This page shows the construction of an oven by Matt Considine. This oven is following the plans from The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens. This page has lots of large photos! It can take a while to download, so I would only recommend it to broadband users.

The Brick Oven Page
This site is run by Norbert Senf of the Masonry Heater Association. This is a great location to find information, pictures and books on building and using masonry ovens. I do believe that this is where we first learned of Dan Wing and Alan Scott's book Bread Builders.

Masonry Heater Association, Le Panyol Bake Oven Workshop
This page shows the workshop that was taught at the Masonry Heater Association's (MHA) 2001 annual conference. It is a demonstration of what is required to assemble a Le Panyol back oven. The course was taught by Jean Pivard and Albie Barden. My first exposure to masonry heaters and ovens was from an article either by or on Albie Bardon in Rhodale's New Shelter sometime in the 1970's.

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