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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the oven have a chimney and how does it work?
Can I bake or cook other things besides bread?

Does the oven have a chimney and how does it work?
The chimney is located in the front of the oven. If you look at this photo you can see the grey stone that forms the outer surface and arch. The angle iron and fire brick above it form the front of the baking chamber. The chimney is located between the front of the baking chamber and the outer arch.
This photo shows the area where the chimney will vent.
This photo shows the chimney being closed and readied to be narrowed to fit the eventual flue pipe.
This is an example of how the chimney might fit to the flue pipe.

Can I bake or cook other things besides bread?

A hearth oven can be used for a multitude of cooking items. When the oven is first fired it is best for flat breads and pizzas. You can even keep a fire going in the back or along the side to help cook the tops of the pizza. When the oven is hotest, breads such as bagetts work well since they have less depth of dough to cook through. You can then move to the large round country loafs of bread.

Once you have finished baking bread, there is still plenty of heat to roast vegetables and meats. This would be when the oven is in the 350 to 400 degrees F range. As the oven continues to cool you can do things such as baked beans, drying fruit and culturing yogurt.

How much heat you have to work with will depend on your oven and your firing schedule.

Bread and pizza will be baked directly on the hearth floor. Other items should be placed in appropriate containers to protect the oven floor from excess fats, oils, sugars and sauces.




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