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Below you will find recommended books and other reading.

The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens
by Daniel Wing and Alan Scott
This is the book that Tina found that started my interest in building and cooking with masonry ovens. The book covers baking natural leavened breads in a hearth oven and building your own hearth oven. If you are even thinking that you might build a oven, this book is the one to get.

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Build Your Own Earth Oven
by Kiko Denzer

Kiko's book shows that ovens don't need to be massive structures of brick and mortar to be a useful and functional oven. Mr. Denzer shows the basics of constructing an earth oven along with what can happen with a bit of an artistic flair. Adobe, earth, mud, cob or clay. Call it what you may, the resulting ovens are easy to build and simple to use.

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Bread Alone: Bold Fresh Loaves from Your Own Hands
by Daniel Leader and Judith Blahnik
Bread Alone is a combination of a cookbook and autobiography. The autobiographical portion describes the journey that Daniel Leader has taken from haute cuisine chef to village baker. The cookbook portion covers many of the techniques that are used in baking artisan breads. Topics covered include making bread using poolish, levain and direct yeast methods. Recipes are given in two sets of measurement, volume (cups) and weight (ounces). The recipes are detailed and provide timings for the various stages of dough development. One feature that I wish the recipes had is a break down of each recipe in a baker's percentage.

Even though this book is not written for the user of a woodfired oven, the recipes and techniques will be better suited for the retained heat baker than the conventional oven baker. Definitely a cook addition to your library.

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