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Hearth Oven Log

Here you will find my thoughts and ramblings about building and using a wood fired hearth oven.

Trailer Research
There is a manufacturer of equipment trailers here in the valley called Walton Trailers. On my lunch I stopped in and talked to Jeff Larsen. He told me that they could build just about what ever I wanted. He suggested that I talk to the guys at Poulsen Trailers Sales since they are more familiar with hitches.

Since I had to take a bunch of packages to the post office in Wellsville, I stopped at Poulsen's on my way back. I talked to Lane. To get an idea of what prices might be, we check on the price of a 8 foot by 12 foot trailer with tandem wheels (electric brakes on each wheel and 3,500 lb rating on each axle). The price quoted was about $2,200. I will have to do some work to see just what size and weight the entire oven and trailer would need to be. I would hate to go and build an oven on a trailer and then find out that I need a new truck to move it around.

Even if I do not build it on a trailer, I think that I will use the frame design that Tim Hammer used. This would help make sure that if I ever needed to move the oven, it could be done.

Oven Inspiration
This evening I was searching the web for information and inspiration on building my own wood fired hearth oven. I was mainly looking for information on anyone that had built an oven on a trailer. I know that Dan Wing has his mounted on a trailer, but I was wondering if anyone else has. I have not found any other trailer mounted ovens, but I did find a page about an oven built by Tim Hammer. ( Tim built his oven to be used at his wedding reception. The unique issue is that the site where the wedding reception was held was 20 miles from his home. Rather than drive twenty miles each way to work on his oven, he built the oven on a steel support frame so that it can be more easily moved. The only part of his description that I do not quite understand is the part about using the Styrofoam and plywood under the frame and what he means by keeping the concrete "floating". I think that his oven turned out very nice.
Whole Wheat Flour
I was playing in the kitchen today with some old whole wheat flour that my Dad had gave me. Without a doubt, whole wheat flour needs to be fresh! This stuff was awful. The flavor was bitter and the flour just did not work into a nice dough. I even tried to make crackers with it. What a waste as far a food goes. I did learn that I should not expect good results with poor quality ingredients. If I really want to make whole wheat bread, I need to get the right ingredients to do it.
BlackOven Web Site Presented
During the evening I presented at the Free Software and Linux Club at Utah State University. I gave a presentation on how I used PHP to build this site.
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